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 +====== Getting started document ======
 +<note important>​This stuff is old, mainly all 3D editing needs to be done in an editor version release at the time of the games creation in 2006/2007 and same goes for the Collada plugins. It will not work with modern releases.</​note>​
-** +===== What you need =====
-Before purchasin, carefully read Washing machine reviewsg +
 +  - [[http://​​|Penumbra:​ Overture]]
 +  - [[https://​​tools/​hpl1/​|Download The Tools]]
 +  - [[http://​​downloads/​details.aspx?​FamilyID=0856EACB-4362-4B0D-8EDD-AAB15C5E04F5&​displaylang=en|Download .NET]] 1.1 and 2.0 should both work fine.
 +  - You will need COLLADA for your 3D editor. [[https://​​tools/​hpl1/​|Get Maya here]] and [[https://​​tools/​hpl1/​|3DS Max here]].
 +  - A 3D editor like Maya, 3D Studio or Blender.
-In the event you planning on buying a new and imprinted washer, it is extremely common problem that from where can you begin with? One of the greatest areas to begin should be to go through some most effective **[[http://​​%20|washing machine reviews]]**. These customer reviews can help you experience an terrific prospect of what people are expressing in regard to these automatic washers and also how the percentage rates of washer versus affiliated appliance versions. Where can you search the reviews about washing machine. That is another major question? There are various places available for purchase which might be thoroughly excited to automatic washers reports. These opinions online services can give you that have a nice setting up place to produce your judgment relating to your looking around.+===== Setup =====
 +  - Install Penumbra
 +  - Extract the tools archive and place the files directly in the "​penumbra install directory/​redist",​ you should have the following .exe in the redist folder %<​nowiki>​ *</​nowiki>​ HplHelper.exe
 +      * HudObjectEditor.exe
 +      * ModelViewer.exe
 +      * ParticleEditor.exe
 +      * ParticleViewer.exe
 +      * SceneViewer.exe
 +  - Install .NET
 +  - Install COLLADA for your 3D editor %<​nowiki>​ *</​nowiki>​ Make sure your editor is set to unit = meter
 +      * make sure COLLADA is set to "​export polygons as triangles"​ under export settings
-At websites like these, you will learn tips on toughness, measurement,​ layout specifications not to mention water supply utilization of totally different equipments. In the most elements, there will be comments concerning costingand how good the washing machine cleans the garments. Right at that moment you place an entire this details in unison, you have to have the perfect notion of what sort of computer is designed for all your family and you simply. +===== Taking ​your first baby steps =====
- +
- +
-Thevery essential things to look for in this particular examination are regardless of whether the shared washing machine evaluations visual appeal unbiased and believable. Sorry to share, this is not intervals the situation. In current’s world wide web global, it is rather simple to come across ratings, which happen to be written and published adversely using a rival of manufacturer or by discontented individuals. +
- +
- +
-At the time you notice a site of look at that records a large amount of great comments and reviews and two or three which might be highly unenthusiastic,​ keep in mind that another person can have were built with a ghastly morning. They will have even stood a system which snuck around prime quality restrain by true fluke. You need to confirm that you will see the comments and reviews completely to look at what individuals are thinking. Just in case you wish to observe the testimonials which happen to be particular to the style of model or sure make, an easy internet search via the internet provide you with tons of picks. You could thing searching for websites that don’t promote a definite product, or model of machine and make. These web sites of evaluate will regularly have a lot ofcustomer’s comments which really can be analyzed unbiased. This is certainly absolutelyvery important and vital. You wish to find out what bona fide consumers think that in regards to their capability and quality of automatic washers. The purchase of a washer is actually choosing almost every other fundamental home appliance in the home. Affirm you have concluded your quest sooner than you write out that evaluate. +
 +  - Briefly read through the [[:​hpl1:​documentation:​start|Documentation]],​ mainly the [[:​hpl1:​documentation:​content_creation_document|HPL-Engine© Content Creation]]
 +  - Use the [[:​hpl1:​tutorials:​start|Tutorials]] to get the basic skills
 +  - Make your first level, make it really simple and create a basic scenario based on what you learned in the [[:​hpl1:​tutorials:​start|Tutorials]]
 +  - Look at the Penumbra levels, objects and scripts for reference, use the documentation as a lexicon and you should be OK
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