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-\\ +<note important>​It'​s difficult to do anything with Penumbra: Overture, as it requires using old software and learning a great deal before anything useful can be made. This documentation is only left here to give insight for those fiddling with the source code for Overture and the HPL1 engine. </​note>​ 
-satu dua tiga empat lima enam tujuh delapan sembilan sepuluh sebelas dua [[|belas tiga]] belas empat belas lima belas enam belas tujuh belas delapan belas sembilan belas dua puluh.+ 
 +====== HPL1 Documentation ====== 
 +  * This wiki contains all the information you need to get started with modding ​[[|Penumbra:​ Overture]] and the HPL engineBefore you begin remember that to work with the engine you will need experience with using a 3D editor, if you have none or little it is recommended you start learning one before trying to use the HPL engine. 
 +  * All game specific files that gives objects specific behavior is based on XML files, it's good to have some very basic knowledge of how XML files are structured and function. 
 +  * The HPL engine uses a C/C++ like script language called [[http://​​angelscript/|Angel Script]], as such it is a good idea to have some basic programing experience, no more than having done an introduction course or similar is required. 
 +  * You must have a 3D Accelerator as the engine and editors rely heavily on those, Integrated graphics do not work. 
 +  * If you are all set to go, head on to the [[:​hpl1:​getting_started|Getting started document]] page! 
 +===== Resources in the wiki ===== 
 +  * [[:​hpl1:​getting_started|Getting started document]] 
 +  *  [[:​hpl1:​start|Documentation]] 
 +      * [[:​hpl1:​documentation:​content_creation_document|HPL-Engine© Content Creation]] 
 +      * [[:​hpl1:​documentation:​script_reference|Script Reference document]] 
 +      * [[:​hpl1:​documentation:​particle_editor_document|HPL Particle Editor]] 
 +  *  [[:​hpl1:​tutorials:​start|Tutorials]] 
 +      * [[:​hpl1:​tutorials:​tutorial_1_-_introduction|TUTORIAL 1.1 – Introduction]] 
 +      * [[:​hpl1:​tutorials:​tutorial_2_-_level_creation|TUTORIAL 2.1 Level Creation]] 
 +      * [[:​hpl1:​tutorials:​tutorial_3_-_materials|HPL Tutorial 3.1 Materials]] 
 +      * [[:​hpl1:​tutorials:​tutorial_4_-_particles|TUTORIAL 4.1 – Particles]] 
 +      * [[:​hpl1:​tutorials:​tutorial_5_-_scripting|TUTORIAL 5.1 – Scripting a light]] 
 +  * [[:​hpl1:​projects_using_hpl|Projects using the HPL engine]]
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