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Getting started document

What you need

  1. Download .NET 1.1 and 2.0 should both work fine.
  2. A 3D editor like Maya, 3D Studio or Blender.


  1. Install Penumbra
  2. Extract the tools archive and place the files directly in the “penumbra install directory/redist”, you should have the following .exe in the redist folder
  3. Install .NET
  4. Install COLLADA for your 3D editor
    • Make sure your editor is set to unit = meter
    • make sure COLLADA is set to “export polygons as triangles” under export settings

Taking your first baby steps

  1. Briefly read through the documentation, mainly the content creation document
  2. Use the tutorials to get the basic skills
  3. Make your first level, make it really simple and create a basic scenario based on what you learned in the tutorials
  4. Look at the Penumbra levels, objects and scripts for reference, use the documentation as a lexicon and you should be OK.
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