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HPL3 Documentation


Overview of the different rendering techniques that happens.

Detailed information on the different material that can be used.

Static Objects
Some information specific to static objects that are used to build the base geometry of the levels.

Information regarding entities, which is used for all the interactive and dynamic objects in the world.

Terrain is quite different from other parts and require some special explanations.

Scripting is a big part of the engine and meant to implement most of the game related things.

This part discusses various important optimizations.

Model Export
How to properly export models from various programs.

How the sound system functions and on the needs of assets.


Main Editors
The main editor tools are the LevelEditor and the ModelEditor. Here is indepth information on these.

Particle Editor
Used to create particle systems.

Material Editor
Create the material files for models with this tool.

Model Viewer
The model viewer is used to generate material files and view created models.

Map Viewer
A tool for easy viewing of map files. Also good for optimization.


Before doing anything, you need to know how to set things up!

Dev Features
Goes through some of the development specific stuff that can be done in-game.

What different commands can be used in the command line.

Entity types
The different basic entity types that are in the game.

Game specific information on the scripting.

The way the gui works and how it integrates into the game.

Event Database
How the game handles the event database.

Voice Handler
The voice handler system used to handle, you guess it, voices.

Dialog Handler
A higher level system that creates dialogs using functionality from the Voice Handler.

Soundscape Area
This is a special type of area that needs some explanation.

A couple of guides with important information on some subjects.

Frequently asked question about anything to do with the game and engine.


DDS Texture Export
A tutorial on how to export a texture using the Nvidia textureTools

Translucent Material
Here is explained how to create a translucent material.

Basic Modeling
The basics on modelling.

3rd Party Tools

CodeLite Script Editor
Basic info on using CodeLite as a script editor for Angel Script.

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