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This page lists a large amount of tutorials, most of which are community-made. Feel free to check them out and see if they can teach you something. If you've made a tutorial and wish to add it to this page, you can do so by editing it to the right. Just try to keep to the same format as the rest of the page.

Level Editor

  • Tutorial 1 - The minimum required to get a level that can load.
  • Tutorial 2 - Placement of lights and advanced setup of lights.
  • Tutorial 3 - How to make an outdoor environment.
  • Tutorial 4 - Explains how to make water.
  • Tutorial 5 - Prop dimensions and detailing your map.
  • Level Editor 101 - All the basics and some more advanced techniques.

Model Editor

Particle Editor

  • Creating Particles - A guide on all the functions in the particle editor and what they do.

Material Editor

  • Tutorial 1 - Basic materials and their properties.

Scripting tutorials




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