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Here are the first 5 basic tutorials created by Frictional Games. Feel free to create additional tutorials or modify the existing ones, they can always be improved in particular more visual help.

Make sure you have the Tutorial example files.

Basic Tutorials

Tutorial example files, download these if you want to do the tutorials. They contain example files and basic files needed to create quick tests.

Tutorial 1

TUTORIAL 1.1 – Introduction. How to create basic models and make them into entities in the game as well as important information regarding the file and catalog structure.

Tutorial 2

TUTORIAL 2.1 Level Creation How to create a very simple level.

Tutorial 3

HPL Tutorial 3.1 Materials Creating materials and what they are.

Tutorial 4

TUTORIAL 4.1 – Particles Creating particles using the Particle Editor.

Tutorial 5

TUTORIAL 5.1 – Scripting a light Putting it all together, models, level and script.

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