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In no specific order and not a full list, this we have only added to a bit here and there when we have had time.


All 3D models regardless of program used must be able to export to the Collada format.

Note: The 1.3 patch for Amnesia allows support for FBX formats.

3D Programs

  1. Blender - Open-source 3D modeling program that comes with built-in support for Collada.
  2. Autodesk Maya - Professional 3D modeling program with OpenCOLLADA plugin support.

2D programs

  1. GIMP - Open-source 2D GNU Image Manipulation Program.
  2. Adobe Photoshop - Professional image editing software.

Audio programs

Text/Script coding programs

  1. Notepad++: Advanced text editor, crucial for script writing.
  2. Geany: An alternative for Notepad++.

Mac OS X alternatives:

  1. TextWrangler: A good alternative to Notepad++ on Windows.
  2. TextMate: A nice and smooth code editor with many customization options.
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