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8 Naming and structure

8.1 General naming

The following is a couple of tips and rules to follow when naming things.

  • Name all files in a describing way. Instead of having door01, door02, etc name these objects door_wood01, door_old_wood01, etc what ever that fits.
  • Objects should end with “01”, “02”, etc if several of the same type exist and there is no other good way to name them differently (see the above note).
  • Name texture and model with the folder as prefix. I.e. in the folder objects all names start with “object_” (if there is an “s” at the end of the folder name, this may be removed.) so that the files are named object_barrel01, object_locker01 and so on.
  • Materials and models should have the same name. If a model uses several materials, start the material name with the model name and then end with some describing word. For example: The model is named “object_corpse.dae” and has two materials, these are named “object_corpse_torso.mat” and “object_corpse_head.mat”.

8.2 Texture names and structures

Textures that belong to models should be put in the same folder as the model and textures that belong to (imported) static scene geometry should be in a subfolder in the “textures” directory. If there exist no fitting subfolder create one and add it in the resource dirs editor in HplHelper.

Use the following suffixes for textures:

Diffuse do NOT use any suffix
NMap “_bump”
Specular “_spec”
Illumination “_illum”

For a CubeMap you must have 6 separate images making up the “cube”. Name them with the following suffixes:

Negative Direction X “_neg_x”
Negative Direction Y “_neg_y”
Negative Direction Z “_neg_z”
Positive Direction X “_pos_x”
Positive Direction Y “_pos_y”
Positive Direction Z “_pos_z”

8.3 Model names and structure

Models should be put in the appropriate subfolder of the models” directory. If there exist no fitting subfolder create one and add it in the resource dirs editor in HplHelper.

Maya files (.mb or .ma) that are used as references must be put in the reference directory’s (outside of the “redist” directory) subfolder that has the same name as the corresponding model’s folder in redist/models/. Only reference files are allowed here and not the files used to export the model file. The reference file must have exactly the same name has the model file it corresponds to.

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