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Dev Features

Keyboard shortcuts

F1 - Debug Menu
If the settings file has DebugMenu set to true, then the debug menu can be accessed. Here lots of nice stuff can be found. In order for most of the other shortcuts here to work, DebugMenu must be set to true.

F2- Pause
This pauses and unpauses the game.

F3- Fast forward
This makes the game run 4 times faster. Good for skipping sections.

F4- Slow Down
Slows down the game to 1/4 of the normal speed.

F5 - Reload
This reloads the current map.

F7 - Spectator Mode
Changes to spectator mode, which allows you to fly freely. Controls are: WASD, Shift, Space and Ctrl.

F8 - ScreenShot
This takes a screen shot and puts it in the same folder as the exe file. You can change ScreenShotExt in the settings file to change the format.

F9 - Quick Save
Saves a save-game.

F10 - Quick Load
Loads a save game.

Insert - Quick Record
Starts an input recording with the name QuickRecord.sav/input. Press again to stop recording.

Home - Quick Playback
Starts playing back the last opened or recorded input file. Will open QuickRecord.sav/input as default.

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