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HPL-Engine© Content Creation

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

1.1 Some forewords

Welcome dear content creator to the HPL-Engine.

In some parts of the doc naming conventions are described. This are described something like this:

This means that “[name]” and “[stuff]” are variables and are to be replaced with other text. The above example could be translated to:

Or something else depending on what the variables should describe.

1.2 Setup

Below are just some general rules and settings.

The game will use SI-units for measurements. This means that 1 length unit equals 1 meter, 1 time unit equals 1 second, 1 mass unit equals 1 kg and so on.

National Settings
All the tools for the engine uses a dot “.” as a decimal separator. If you are Swedish or something this might not be how your computer is set up. Open the control panel→national settings and check so that this is correct! Also don’t forget to write decimals with dot and not comma.

Good: 1.00 1.23 234.3
Bad: 1,000 1,23 234,3

1.3 Exporter used

Collada is used to export models and maps. The exporter can be used for most major 3d packages, however HPL cannot load all of the files created from the different exporters. Currently Maya is the most supported package.

More information is found at:
Maya specific information is found at:

Exporters known to work properly with current HPL release can be found in the Getting started document.

2. Creating Models

3. Creating maps

4. Creating Materials

5. HPL Helper

6. Entity files

7. Configuration files

8. Naming and structure

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